MP3 and Podcasting

From Sean Fitzgerald's work at HYPAR

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a way of publishing audio files to the Internet which allows listeners to subscribe and receive new audio files automatically to their computer or portable player. The files are downloaded using "podcatching" software which can save them onto the listener's computer or transfer them to the listener's portable music player.
Podcasting allows you to listen to audio content at a time and place of your choosing (commuting, jogging, gym, cleaning, beach). Puts the listener in control. Radio-on-demand. Time-shifted radio.

More info: Podcasting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A great resource on PodCasting
Podcatching software - iPodder (screenshot) (cross platform), DopplerRadio (Windows only), Primetime Podcast Receiver or iPodderX (Mac).

Types of Podcasts

  • Home-grown radio shows - news & current affairs, talk shows, music, passions, reviews (e.g. Reel Reviews Radio)
  • Distribution of creative works - bands, musicians, comedians, novels etc.
  • Storytelling, radio plays & audio books
  • Sermons, speeches, debates or conference sessions
  • “Sound-seeing” or “sound-scene” tours

Podcasting Directories

How can Podcasts be used to Engage Young People?

  • Teachers become empowered as audio distributors by subscribing to relevant podcasts which they can then distribute to students
  • Teachers creating audio lessons and instructional material for students to download
  • Students can distribute their musical creations to the world
  • Students creating their own radio programs

How do I Create a Podcast?

  • Set up a blog
  • Upload audio files to server
  • Create special podcast RSS feed - e.g. FeedBurner (some blogging software creates podcasts feeds for you)