Learning With a News Reader

As the internet increases to become a source of learning information, it can become all too time consuming to check lots of different websites for information.

Or imagine that you've got 15 students in a class, and they've all got blogs that you're trying to follow. It would become painful to check each individual website for changes!

One way that you could do both of the above all on the one web-page is to use something called a News Reader (a.k.a. an RSS Reader, where RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication). Below you'll see an example of one free news reader called Bloglines. You might be able to make out that there are currently 9 new articles under my Education/Learning category that I haven't yet read! To read all of them at once, I can simply click on my Education/Learning folder!


If you want to read a bit more about how Blogs + News Readers can combine to make an awesome learning tool, try:

For step-by-step instructions on setting up a bloglines account, see How to keep up with dozens of Blogs Everyday. Note: if the tutorial overwhelms you a bit, revisit it after you've been blogging for a while and it will make more sense!

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