Who is Blended Learning For?


The Blended Learning wikispace was originally developed in 2005, to support teacher training at the Western Sydney Institute of TAFE and the Sydney Institute of TAFE. At the time Micheal Nelsen (WSI), Sean Fitzgerald (SI) and Leigh Blackall were promoting free and easy tools for online teaching and learning. All three were giving regular workshops and thought it would be useful to combine resources.

Now the wikispace continues to develop beyond the scope of being a resource for teachers to start online, to a range of how tos, links and resources, ideas and examples of effective blended learning strategies. At the time of writing this entry, it is hoped that other teaching and learning practitioners will contribute to the development of this wikispace, helping to collaborativley build a valuable, and desperately needed resource for teachers and learners hoping to improve their skills with information and communications technology, and find ideas for new methods.

Please let us know here if you find problems with the resource design, terminology or other flaws in meeting this objective - by clicking edit...

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