Setting Up for Blended Learning


Please help us build a page of ideas and helpful resources for setting up blended learning in every conceivable way...

Classroom Ideas

Power Over Ethernet
Need to address the very real problem of not enough electricity in classrooms for power hungry monitors and high wattage CPUs.

Computers and devices in the classroom
Recessed monitor desks
Intergrated AV
Local and International network connections
Cool ideas with photocopiers and desktop printers

Resource Development Ideas

Wiki courses that lead to accreditation

Network Ideas

Ideas for local and international digital networking (working with the intra and Internet)
Hosted and local file servers
Face to face usergroup meetings, open seminars, community show and tell nights.

New Ideas for Old Tools

How to scan old documents and create PDF
How to turn film and VHS movies into digital movies
How cool is microfilm?
How to record your lectures to MP3 audio
Class wide collaborative note taking

Need Some Organisational Change First?

  1. How to prepare your organisation for blogging - by James Farmer (right click and open in new window as this link is outside this site).
  2. edpdonline: Alan Levine has created a list of useful links to help professional development units access resources to train teaching staff for online education. Alan's list is particularly innovative - read more on how the list works.