Pocket computers or PDAs are sure to become very useful technology in education. Intergrated with wireless connectivity, and given their cheaper price when compared to desktop and laptop computers, these devises offer a great alternative for students and teachers.
For loads of information, ideas and issues about this technology, visit the Education Australia Network forum Mobile Learning:

The Mlearning Networks goal is to provide a community of practice aimed at furthering the ongoing knowledge and development of mlearning in Australia as well as a hub to foster mlearning connections internationally. Its fundamentals are based around the new and emerging mobile technologies including but not limited to mobile phones, Pocket PC’s, Palm PC’s, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s), tablet computers plus other mobile devices and to investigate their potentials for the flexible delivery of learning.

Its aim is to build a unique network of like-minded practitioners from private and public practice that will enable the sharing of innovative mlearning concepts, ideas and experiences, essentially a collective 'Think Tank' that provides the primary stage for best practice mlearning in Australia.