Blogs in Education


Now that we've all got our own blogs up and running, the only thing left for us to consider is: Can blogging be useful in education? If so, how? Let's find out...

Step by step

  1. Open up a new browser window (key Ctrl N)
  2. using your favourite search engine, search for "educational uses of blogging" (without the quotes this time).
  3. You might find some links that don't tell you much about possible educational uses of blogging, but keep looking until you find one that interests you!
  4. After reading the article, create a new post on your own blog outlining your own thoughts and ideas after reading your article.

Before you publish your post, make sure that you ask someone around you how you can include a link from your new post to the article you found (no HTML required!).

The last thing we'll be doing is reading and discussing each others findings. While doing so, we'll see a demonstration of how we can use another free tool, called a News Reader, to view all our blogs at once in a single browser window (what a timesaver!)

We've just scratched the surface of what's possible using these free tools in class... if you're excited about the possibilities and would like to know more, you might want to check out More on Blogging in Education.

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