After you've started your own blog and are feeling comfortable with the concept, you might want to try a few more simple tricks or learn a bit more about blogging and how it can be used in education!

More things you can do with a Blog

Ideas for this page:
Adding images to blog posts.
Email notification for comments.
Creating an email group to use with blogger
Keeping track of lots of blogs! Aargh
Audio blogs

Building a community with your blog

Possible issues/problems for educational bloggers: Job loss? Copyright infringement.

A glimpse into the future of blogging...EPIC 2014

More about blogging:
Blogging and RSS — The "What's It?" and "How To" of Powerful New Web Tools for Educators
What we're doing when we blog
An introduction to weblogs - this article has some great tips for posting on your blog.

A more technical article from Harvard Uni: What makes a weblog a weblog. This article also introduces some other online tools such as Wikis.