Getting started with Blogging in Education

At its simplest, blogging allows anyone to create and update their own website with ease! Yet the full implications for blogging in education are still being discovered...

Our task over the next hour or two involves only a few small steps:

Step 1: How does a blog differ from a normal website?
In small groups we'll examine a few different web sites, looking at some common characteristics of these sites as well as noting where they differ. We'll report back to the larger group with the common features of blogs and how they may differ from typical web pages.

Step 2: So what exactly is a blog
Pulling together our thoughts from the previous activity to define blogging for ourselves... with a little help from Google!

Step 3: Creating our own blog!
Next we'll work together to create our own individual blogs. (Take a deep breath and relax... we won't need to know any html or web design!!)

Step 4: How might blogs be used in education?
Finally we'll discuss whether blogs are really that useful for us in education, hopefully generating some ideas for how we could use them in class.

Copyright Info: This workshop is originally based on a WebQuest by Trevor Ettenborough and is licensed (with permission) under a Creative Commons License.